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Upping your game with Tone-Up

A renewed identity for a training center which is fact more than that - they're a tight-knit group where personal development and hard work are an everyday focus.

Identity redesign

Tone-up was born in 2013 out of a need to create a place for people who wish to embrace an active lifestyle and become a better version of themselves. A place where personal development and team work remain the focus all year round. After 6 years of operating under the same visual identity, it was time to freshen things up while going back to the core values of Tone-Up. An opportunity to clarifiy their services: CrossFit, Fight, Yoga and Personal Training.

The mission

With the full creative and production lead, our mission was to rebuild their entire identity and express it through their website, brand film and other customer touch-points such as athletic apparel, business cards and on-site signage.

Brand character

The thorough brand assessment we conducted with the client revealed 3 core characteristics of the brand: Progress, Social, Passionate.

Progress because it fosters motivation for the athletes and is the added value brought by the coaches.

Social because Tone-Up values the power of a group. Athletes stick together through the ups and downs and share their stories to inspire others to join them.

Passionate because if you take the fun out of it, there's nothing left. Their skilled coaches make sure you always keep enjoying what you're doing, no matter how tough the workout.


Client: Tone-Up
Direction: Oliver and Nicolas Jutzi
Cinematography: Nicolas Jutzi
Production: vandy studio

Models: Solveig Jaccoud, Rania Spinnler, Wendell Cardoso, Anthony Riggio
Runner: Shakeel Myskyn
Sound design: Thomas Stahel / 2pop