vandy studio

Reflecting sunlight with The Rayy

A fine jewelry brand creating customized gold rings that reflect sunlight into a personal message.

Taking the fascination with light to the next-level

As a new brand entering the market, accurate and effective positioning was of great importance for The Rayy. We closely collaborated with Noémie Arrigo, the brand's creative director, whose vision of where to bring this product was incredibly sharp. Our responsibility was to fully understand the universe she crafted and express it through a unique and intriguing brand movie to support the official product launch.

Award-winning tech and a quest for simplicity

The surface of the rings are structured with high-precision tools in a way that sunlight is concentrated and reflects a message. Despite the complex research behind this process, the rings presents great abstraction and purity. As filmmakers, our task was to reconcile these two worlds and build the narrative around them.

Visual language

In terms of the cinematography, two guiding elements dictate the overall look and feel of the film. First, harsh lighting to remind the strongest of all light sources, the sun. Second, black and white color grading to highlight the timelessness of the pieces.


Client: The Rayy
Art direction: Noémie Arrigo
Direction: Oliver and Nicolas Jutzi
Cinematography: Nicolas Jutzi
Production: vandy studio

Models: Beata Grabovvska and Lionel Petignat
Music: Jonathan Vallin
Hair & make-up: Sophia Singh
Runner: Shakeel Myskyn