vandy studio

Raising awareness with the Albanian Government

Addressing the serious problem of illicit trade in Albania in an emotional, positive manner. Such was the mission given to us by SICPA, the world leader in security inks for currencies and the trusted security provider and adviser to most governments.

The challenge

The main objective of the campaign was to show that the entire Albanian population is concerned by the harmful consequences of illicit trade and that saying no to contraband is easier than we think. The two constraints we had were the media channel and the duration: it would be a 45sec TV edit to be broadcast on national channels.

The portraits

After having fully understood the context and the issues at stake, we decided to shoot four portraits in our studio. In some way, they are a cross-section of the Albanian population. By connecting with each individual, our intent was to humanize the underlying issue while providing clear insight on how to fight the addressed problem.


Client: SICPA / Albanian Government

Direction: Nicolas & Oliver Jutzi

Production: vandy studio

Cinematography: Nicolas Jutzi

Production assistant: Noemi Castella

Animations: vandy studio

Voice-over: ASAP studio

Music: Tijany Bacci

Color grading: Fabio Tozzo

Hair & Make-up: Julien Charrière