vandy studio

Meandering through Lausanne with Vélocité

A dive into Vélocité’s DNA: freedom, efficiency, fluidity.

An extension of the body

The purpose of the film was not to make known the services of this bike messenger company founded in 1999, which counts over 40 messengers. Instead, we focused on Vélocité’s DNA: freedom, efficiency, fluidity.

Rooted in the city

As if in the skin of a messenger, from dawn to dusk, the camera unveils the essential places of Vélocité's activities: bridges, roads, train stations, a world of exchanges, a city with dynamic connections, a particular time-space.


Client: Vélocité
Directed by Nicolas and Oliver Jutzi
Produced by vandy studio
Music & sound by Jonathan Vallin
Special thanks: Frédéric Boua, Alexandre Boua, Chris Paccaud