vandy studio

Coffee co-creations with Nespresso

As part of Nespresso's ongoing partnerships with the world's leaders in Fine Dining, several brand Ambassadors who are non other than 3-Star Michelin Chefs were invited to create their very own personalized coffees.

The ultimate coffee experience

During two consecutive days, we closely followed the Chefs as they went through the thrilling but yet very demanding process of creating their own coffees. From balancing blends to adjusting roasting times, these culinary experts crafted extraordinarily unique coffees which are to be served exclusively in their own restaurants.

Learning from the best

Nespresso's team of coffee experts worked day and night to help the Chefs create coffees which meet their needs and wishes. Our mission was to capture this dialogue in between these taste and flavour experts.


Client: Nestlé Nespresso SA

Direction: Nicolas & Oliver Jutzi

Production: vandy studio


Christophe Bacquié

Franck Giovannini

Fabrice Sommier

Philippe Conticini