vandy studio

Finding tranquility with ATARAXIA

A passion project we shot back in 2017 about exploring solitude and the sense of freedom sometimes encountered during long, alpine outings.

Losing track

Tranquility of the soul can certainly be attained many different ways. However, through prolonged efforts in the mountains is how we explore it in this short film. By visiting our favorite locations across the Alps, we follow a runner who gradually loses track of time and space and enters a state of imperturbability.


Directed by Oliver and Nicolas Jutzi

Produced by vandy studio

Cinematography by Nicolas Jutzi

Sound design & Mix by Victor Colelough

Voice over and voice recording by Rob Paterson

Music by Alaskan Tapes

Outreach: FIFAD Festival, web, social media

Shot with RED Epic and DJI Inspire 1 X5