• shaping the impact of brands and organizations

vandy is a Swiss-based creative production studio. Driven by curiosity and inspired by a culture of collaboration, we help brands and organizations meet complex marketing and communication challenges. Our team of creatives and production professionals works with local and international clients across all industries - from multinational companies to startups - we thrive on this diversity.

Each organization has its own audience to connect with. We believe in producing high quality content and never settling just for aesthetics. Our mission is to build growth for our clients, address new markets and be a creative resource in this age of digital transformation. 

We deliver our best work when we fully understand your culture and your purpose on top of your business model. We evaluate where you are and learn about where you want to be. We then come up with creative solutions to bring you there.


Creative development
Film production

2D/3D animations
Graphic and motion design

How we operate


Learning about your organization, your market and who occupies your ecosystem. Understanding your objective is vital so we know what exact value we can bring and in what direction we need to push.


Going through several concept iterations while keeping in mind how the message needs to resonate and through which media. This is where our collaborative spirit comes in handy, tapping into the minds of our multidisciplinary team.


Overseeing the entire production process to guarantee high quality results. From pre-production to post-production, sometimes with the support of outside partners if they can bring specific value to the project. We’re equipped with an in-house studio, a cinema-grade camera and editing equipment.


Tailoring content to your needs. We’re comfortable with the many platforms used by brands today. Social media campaigns, TV and cinema commercials, web use and banners, digital poster campaigns, etc.


Having a vision for the long term is important to us. Each project is a learning opportunity for the following. Building trust takes time but we’re willing to invest in a solid collaboration if you are.


vandy was founded in late 2016 by Nicolas and Oliver Jutzi, two cousins who share the same passion for large open spaces. Different backgrounds, distinct minds, yet the same intention to create meaningful work.

Emil Fessler serves as motion designer and is in charge of all animation work. He beautifully applies his strong graphic design background to the world of moving images.
Shakeel Myskyn is a production and editing assistant. A super-organized mind with an incredibly sharp eye.

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