vandy studio

Creative thinking and video production for ambitious brands and businesses.

We create strategies and produce content in a way that your market understands. Clear and simple.

More than just solving visual problems and simply responding to briefs, our mission is to solve real-world business problems. Our team works with local and international clients across many industries.

Selected Work

Our Approach


The perception, the gut feeling.

Your brand is the values and emotions you represent. What does your organization stand for and what feelings do you convey? These answers are precious to us. We believe that a marketing plan is nothing without good positioning.

Focus areas

• Brand promise

• Positioning statement

• Brand story

• Visual world and language


How your audience thinks, feels and talks about you.

By understanding your target audience’s habits and what they’re looking for, we can shape content that will truly resonate. Beyond a simple media channel or an age group, we want to pinpoint who emotionally responds to your brand.

Focus areas

• Research

• Audience segmentation

• Buyer persona

• Buyer journey


Tactics to support your long-term goal.

Building on all of the previous analysis and information collected, now is the time to make solid plans. We help you put together a strategic communications plan and we define the tactics and objectives for each of your target audiences.

Focus areas

• Media channels

• Scope

• Budget

• Timeline and milestones


Creativity and in-house production efficiency.

For established brands and businesses, you're likely already well-aware of your audience and have a strategy in place. We’re happy to simply provide creative and production services. As long as we know where we’re going, you can count on us in terms of creativity and technical expertise.

Focus areas

• Creative developments

• Pre-production

• Production

• Post-production


Are we solving your business problem ?

“What gets measured, gets managed”. Identifying the right metrics is the first step. Are we looking to raise awareness ? Increase sales ? Create engagement ? Finding out if the plan is working will help us learn and adjust for the future.

Focus areas

• Performance indicator tracking

• Performance analysis

• Learning opportunities

• Best practices updates

What our clients
say about us

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" vandy studio have produced highly engaging short films that authentically represent our people and culture. They do their homework upfront, and then deeply connect with our employees and partners on the ground to bring to life beautiful imagery and compelling story. "

Colleen Popkin

Senior Manager, Sustainability


" If creativity, dynamism and out of the box thinking is what you are looking for in a video production agency, you should definitely check out vandy studio. It was a refreshing experience collaborating with them, upping the game in storytelling and filmography. What seems complex to achieve, is made possible through their original thinking and technical competences. "

Clio Morfino

Senior Marketing Specialist